Roulette Cheats


When it comes to gambling, there are always going to be people looking for ways to get better odds, or even put the odds completely in their favour. There are ways to cheat for nearly every casino game you can think of, however, they’re often very difficult to pull off without being figured out. If you’ve ever played a roulette wheel, you might be wondering how roulette cheats even work. What could you possibly do to cheat at roulette? Well, this article will go over the various different ways in which you can use roulette cheats and tips.

How do people cheat at roulette?

There are a few different methods that people can use to cheat at roulette, and it will vary from situation to situation. Some cheats require players to work together, some won’t completely prevent you from losing money, and some won’t be possible in certain casinos.

Wheel modification

Of course, roulette is a game that is very out of the control of the player. They don’t touch the roulette wheel, and the only input they have is placing their bets. The result may seem completely random, but the game could be rigged without you knowing. Cheaters have previously used strategies such as wheel modification to cause some results to happen more consistently than others. Without catching onto the tricks, it can cause players to lose more than they should due to the altered wheel.

Magnetic balls

Similar to an altered wheel, the player has no part in this cheating. Gambling is never something you can control, but when the roulette wheel is using a magnetic ball, the game is designed to cause players to lose their money. With a magnetic ball, you have much more chance the ball will land in the place you’ve chosen. Even if a non-specific slot is more magnetic than the others, it could cause the ball to behave differently from others.

Past posting

One of the risker cheating strategies that some gamblers try to make use of is past posting. The concept of it is simple; distract the croupier and discretely move or place your bet on the winning slot once the ball has landed in the roulette wheel’s pocket. With this, you can win a huge amount of chips, but getting caught can be very costly.

Sector targeting

Some cheaters prefer to use methods like sector targeting, as it can be very difficult for the casino to prove whether or not you’re using sector targeting to increase your odds of winning. Put simply, the gambler will try to work out the behaviour of the wheel and result of where the ball lands for a few rounds; only to then try to use that information to make an informed bet on where they believe has higher odds than others.

Laser & microcomputer

If you’re looking to try something a bit more out there, a laser is very much a risky play. The general idea is that you can use a laser and a very small computer to work out how fast the ball is going, as well as the position it currently is on the wheel. Using this information, the computer makes an educated guess on where the ball is going to land. Of course, this method isn’t too discreet, and it’s not one of the best tricks you can make use of. You would have just as much luck playing slots.


Collusion is only something that can work if you know someone working at the casino, as it involves input from a gambler and a croupier. Your croupier can provide you with more flexible bets, and make sure that winnings are given out in your favour. Note that, this is quite a risky choice for both you and the person who works there – it’s highly illegal, and casinos go through great lengths to prevent this from happening.

Computer software

Casinos aren’t just limited to physical establishments, and online gambling is very much alive and thriving. With that, there are online roulette wheels, and roulette cheats to go with it. Some have come up with third-party computer software that allows you to get better odds, or even figure out exactly what the result of the wheel spin is going to be.


Roulette cheats can be very difficult to pull off, as cheating would be in other games. It’s not done using machines, which means you either need to cheat the croupier or collude with them. All forms of cheating at a casino are illegal, especially if you win a lot of money from it. Cheating at casinos is not recommended, even by the more experienced gamblers. 


1. Can casinos rig a game of roulette?

Yes, in theory, casinos could be rigging their games of roulette, but it would have to be very discreet. An establishment would face serious consequences if it was found to be cheating its players.

2. How do casinos protect themselves?

Casinos often have a lot of cheaters coming in, and when it comes to things like roulette cheats – they have to make sure they’re protected. There are often a lot of cameras watching everyone, as well as security guards.

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