Major Poker Rooms in England Lift All COVID-19 Restrictions

It is time for all the people in England to rejoice because ‘’Freedom Day’’ is here.  It means no more COVID-19 restrictions, finally. It is time to restore the local economy, get everything to good ol’ normal instead of new normal.

Brits are finally allowed to go outside without wearing masks and even social distancing measures are more relaxed. So it is time to be more relaxed too, it is the summer season after all. 

Establishments like nightclubs are expected to be open. Yet prime minister Boris Johnson reminded us again to remain cautious and to continue with the vaccination program 

Everything seems to revive again and that also applies to the poker scene as well. If you had enough of online poker, poker rooms are now open and operating without any limitations. They are still implementing safety protocols such as disinfecting and cleaning their facilities and conducting regular covid-19 tests on their staff.

Is the covid-19 vaccine required to enter casinos and poker rooms?

Following the example of the most recreational and entertainment venues in England. Poker rooms and casinos won’t be requiring vaccine certification from their guests. Just like in the good old days – you need to show your ID and you can start playing.

All the remaining restrictions were removed on July 19th and wearing masks is no longer mandatory. In the biggest live poker rooms in the country, even the plexiglass dividers are also removed.

Now let’s check out what is currently happening in some of the biggest poker showrooms in England:

The Hippodrome

The Hippodrome is back on a race track! PokerStars Live at London’s Hippodrome Casino is back with increased capacity. Now up to eight players can be seated at each table. If there is someone who prefers six-handed tables better – it can also be arranged. 

If you feel safer wearing the mask – that is optional. Plexiglass barriers are removed but players are strongly advised to use the hand sanitiser once per round. They are ready for every table.


Grosvenor is a household name in England with more than 25 casinos throughout the entire of England. The doors are open again and there are no mandatory masks, plexiglass dividers – but everything is available upon request.

Poker rooms in Grosvenor now have nine or ten-handed tournaments available. Players can also play at eight or nine-handed tables as well. These venues will conduct a regular and thorough cleaning of the facilities so you can enjoy your game safely.

Dusk till Dawn

To enjoy your favourite game from Dusk till Dawn you will need to wait for ‘’Dusk till dawn’’ to open again. Just a little bit longer. The owner decided that they are not going to take any risks when it comes to the health and the safety of both players and staff.

So wait just a bit longer and soon you will enjoy your favourite game.

When it comes to other honourable mentions – huge poker rooms such are Aspers and poker rooms owned by Caesars entertainment are operating without restrictions.

So how will you celebrate getting back to normal?

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