Twitch Banned in Slovakia Because a Streamer Played Poker

The entire Twitch streaming platform has been blocked by ISP’s in the whole country of Slovakia, just because a single Slovakian streamer broke the gambling laws by playing and streaming poker. This is the first instance where both the creator and the platform were blocked.

Slovak court has “issued an order to block the profile of the Slovak streamer with the nickname dDandis” as he reportedly broke the law regarding promoting gambling by playing internet poker. The Slovakian Regulatory office for Gambling now lists dDandis’ Twitch channel as a banned website, among many other online sportsbooks and gambling websites.

As of now, the only Internet Service Provider in Slovakia to have blocked Twitch is “O2”. The platform is still accessible through other ISP’s in Slovakia, but it is unclear for how long. In practice, even though the court’s decision is effective immediately, operators have an unspecified number of days to comply.

Gambling streams have been a controversial topic on Twitch for a while now, but the issue came to the spotlight just now. Many of the site’s popular streams now call for online poker and gambling streams to be outright banned, in order to avoid further problems the platform may encounter with EU laws.

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