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Whether you enjoy a trip to the physical casino or prefer to play online, you are probably here because you love the experience. Casino games have been around for many centuries, and today, it is easier to play a few poker hands, spin the reels or play roulette online. However, the casino industry seems to be evolving every day, with new games and features being introduced regularly.  

If you are wondering how the idea of casinos came about when the first game was played, or other fun casino facts, you are in luck! Here are some casino facts you should know about.  

Casinos originated in Italy

There are casinos globally and in notable regions such as Las Vegas, London, and Macao, with everyone claiming to deliver the best experience. But where did it all begin? Casino industry facts suggest that the term “casino” is derived from the root word “casa”, meaning house in Italy, with the first organised gambling dating back to Venice in 1638. 

Gambling is not a financial problem

While many may think that gambling is a financial problem, casino addiction facts show that it is more emotional. Many people gamble to alleviate stress or enjoy a particular type of euphoria when they gamble.

Famous casino robbery 

Arguably one of the most interesting casino facts, William Brennan in 1993 left the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas with $500K worth of cash and chips and vanished together with his cat and has since never been heard of. It is one of the most successful casino robberies in history.

The poker game that lasted 8 years

The Arizona Bird Cage Theatre allegedly hosted a poker game that lasted 8 years, 5 months and 3 days with all players staking high with a $1000 buy-in. Although many suggest the report is unverified, it is currently ranked among the famous casino poker facts.

Slot machines pay 90% of what they make

Here’s one of many interesting slot machine facts– slot machines pay 90% of what they make to players. However, it would help if you didn’t mistake this for generosity since paying to play on these machines accounts for 80% of casino revenues. 

Blackjack is among the only few gambling games to make a living from 

Casino blackjack facts don’t get any better than this, especially when most players only gamble when the odds favour them. However, not every gambling game is possible to play with an edge. Interestingly, blackjack is among the few exceptions. 

Counting cards- The most popular blackjack strategy

Counting cards is the most well-known advantage gambling strategy in blackjack, but it’s not the only way to gain an advantage. The rules are friendly to players, and you can play a close to break-even game even if you don’t count cards. 

Citizens from Monaco can’t gamble in Monte Carlo

The famous Monte Carlo casinos are a haven for gamblers worldwide. Yet you would not be permitted to enter if you are a citizen of Monaco. According to Monte Carlo casino facts, Princess Caroline passed this law in the 1800s to ensure that revenues were generated from foreign players only. On the flip side, citizens are exempted from income tax which means they can save enough to play online. 

Prison casino for Nevada 

In some interesting gambling trivia: did you know that the Nevada state prison operated its casino for over 30 years? Inmates were permitted to enjoy blackjacks, crabs and poker. However, the casino was closed in 1967. For this reason, Nevada and casinos seem to be synonymous. 

Slot machines used to dispense chewing gum

Have you wondered why most older slot machines have images of fruits on them? Several casino fun facts report that the earliest slot machines from the 1880s were used to dispense fruit-flavoured chewing gum. They were also used to swap drinks and cigars before pumping real coins. 

Poker can be a second career

It is okay to think this is just casino trivia, but what do most sportspersons do after retiring from the game? While the options are limitless, a few have transitioned into building a successful second career on the poker tables. Former England international Teddy Sheringham is known to have over £330,000 at the table, and interestingly, he is not the only one to have made good money at poker tables.

Most people don’t win their money back

While there are several gambling facts and myths, this is arguably the most popular among them – people can win back their money after a losing streak. However, this is untrue as casinos stay in business because most people don’t win their money back. 

Sin City (Las Vegas) Casino Facts

There is no place like Las Vegas when it comes to gambling. The city is lined up with several casinos, with many players attempting to make or break their accounts. There are interesting facts about Las Vegas casinos you should know. You should check out these Las Vegas casino facts: 

  • In the first Las Vegas fun facts and trivia, did you know that the city’s name has Spanish origin? History says there was grass everywhere when the Spanish arrived in the 19th century, so they named it Las Vegas, which means “the meadows” in Spanish. 


  • Las Vegas casino history facts say that the city became the home of world-class casinos popularising the Las Vegas nightlife after Nevada legalised gambling in 1931. 


  • In other funny facts about Las Vegas, the famous water fountain at the Bellagio uses ‘grey water’. The man-made lake uses recycled water from tubs, showers and sinks throughout the city to create the beautiful, mesmerising scenery. However, it’s a little bit contaminated, so you might want to look and not touch it. 


  • You may have heard a lot of interesting Las Vegas facts but not this one. If you plan to tie the knot in Las Vegas, you won’t be alone as the city sees over 300 weddings each day. This is about 10,000 wedding ceremonies per month.


  • You would think Sin City has seen it all and is open to all but there are some people the city wouldn’t want to see again. Apparently, the city has a “Black Book” with the names of people banned from entering any casino in the city.


Like the game itself, these casino facts make an interesting read. Some countries indeed restrict these gambling spots, yet it continues to spread worldwide. Today, it is one of the biggest industries with huge payouts. Likewise, you can enjoy the game from anywhere via the internet.


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