Slot Machine Tips and Secrets


Slot machines can be exciting to play, but soon become frustrating when you find yourself losing. This article will cover some of the tips and slot secrets you need to know, to help you understand how the games work, which will significantly improve your gameplay and increase your odds. 

How do slot machines work?

Understanding how slot machines work can go a long way in your gameplay. Slot machines are specifically designed to operate randomly. Each machine is installed with a technology called a Random Number Generator (RNG) which can continuously cycle through millions of numbers. It is therefore impossible to predict the numbers, or whether you will win or lose, because the outcome of the spin is determined automatically by the RNG. 

Slot machines will contain a variety of symbols, depending on the theme, and the casino. This can be anything from the number ‘7’ to fruit. Some slot machines offer a bonus feature that will enable you to influence the bonus prize amount by playing a game, similar to those you find inside an arcade. The results still come down to chance, however, the bonus features do require a little more skills to influence the result. The RNG has the final say on the amount of payout you will win during any game on the slot machine. 

Payout percentage and slot volatility

Slot machine secrets you should know about are payout percentage and slot volatility. Slot machines use payout percentages to work out your price, which is programmed to be a percentage between 0-99%. The payout will depend on what you wager at the beginning of the game and is typically referred to as the return to player (RTP). The slot volatility refers to the frequency of payout from the slot machine. 

The RTP within casinos will depend on the company and the individual games. The average RTP within a land-based casino slot machine is typically 70-90%. A good online slot machine is known to have an RTP on average of 94-95%. The RTP on roulette games has been known to be around 97.3% in Europe, and approximately 94.7% in America. 

Online slot volatility will vary depending on the casino you are playing at, as well as the individual game. Some games boast a high volatility rate, while others have a low rate. You can check this information online before you play so that you can increase your odds by choosing the games with better payout chances. 

Types of slots

There are a variety of slots that you may find in casinos that are important to know about. Here you can find the slot machine secrets exposed. 

Classic slots

Classic slot machines are simple games that you can play that do not include any additional features such as auto-spin, or reel stop. They tend to be on a retro machine and feature a physical lever to pull to spin the reels (or a virtual one if you are online). Classic slots include Aztec Gold, Enchanted Cavern, Mad Mouse, Snow Day, and many more. 

Video slots 

Video slots are the most popular games found in casinos, because they are immersive and exciting to play. They feature an extra layer to the gameplay based on a particular theme, for example, a movie, and provide the relevant animations, graphics and sounds. Some of the popular video slots are Jewel Blast, Street Fighter II and Wings of Ra. 

Progressive slots 

Progressive slots have the same gameplay as classic and video slots, however, they will take a small amount of the bets that you place, and add it to the total of a jackpot prize. The jackpot will continue to rise until someone hits the jackpot, and wins the entire amount. 

Megaways slots

Big Time Gaming, an Australian development company, has created a random reel modifier that changes the mechanics of the game, including the number of symbols that appear on the reels. The benefit of this slot machine is the increased number of opportunities that it provides.

Casino slot machine secrets and tips 

Now you have a better understanding of how slot machines work, and the different types of slot machines you can use, it is time to learn some of the best tips and slot secrets out there. 

#1 Look for high RTP slot machines  

Choosing high RTP slot machines will increase your payout. A high RTP is above 97%. 

#2 Pick a game you enjoy 

The more you enjoy a game, the more you will have fun and the quicker you will master the skills to play proficiently. If you like to spend a lot of time playing slots, it might as well be something you enjoy. If you find yourself frustrated and unhappy, it will only cloud your gameplay and hinder your chances. 

#3 Run it up 

Create a strategy for your gameplay, and run up the slot machines. Decide on the odds, and the number of coins you should play per spin to give yourself the best chances to max it out and hit the jackpot and reduce your chances of giving it away.

#4 Set a stop-loss

No one is keen on losing money, but when you are gambling, losing money is inevitable. It is therefore important to set your position up early and create a stop-loss. This will determine how much money you will play with, how much risk you are willing to take, and when to stop so you don’t end up completely out of pocket. 

#5 Make reasonable bets 

Unless you have a strategy to take alternative action, make sure you only place reasonable bets. This means betting at the level you want to play at and keeping it above your bankroll. 

#6 Use bonuses and promotions wisely

Online casinos offer a range of bonuses and promotions for you to utilise. Make sure you use these to your advantage so you can increase your prizes. 

#7 Look for near misses 

Keep an eye on near misses, as these can provide you with valuable feedback for a win. 


How to pick a winning slot machine?

Choose slot machines with a high payout, bonus features, a high RTP and correct volatility level. 

What kind of slots pays the best?

Slots with an RTP above 90% will pay the best. 

How long should you play on slot machines?

The length of time on a slot machine will depend on the type. If there is not a big jackpot available, then do not spend too much time on it. If there is a life-changing amount at play, then you may wish to spend longer on the machine. 

Which games have the highest slot machine odds?

Blackjack, Slot Devil’s Delight, Wheel of Fortune, and Roulette. 

Try these slot secrets for yourself, and you’ll see a difference in your winnings in no time! 

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