The Ultimate Guide to Poker Position Strategy: How to Win More Games by Playing Smart


Are you looking to improve your poker playing strategy? Understanding the different poker positions and their advantages and disadvantages is crucial. This article will explain each poker position and cover the importance of poker position strategy and tips to improve your game.

What is Poker Position?

Many people think that understanding the rules of poker and which cards have the highest rankings means they are ready to play. Unfortunately, many players overlook the importance of poker positions and how this can increase their wins. So, what is a poker position? Poker position refers to the position at the table where players are seated and is determined by their position in relation to the Dealer. There are four main poker positions, some of which are more advantageous than others.

Your position at the table determines when you act, so it can either strengthen your chances of winning by giving you an advantage or limit your chances of winning by placing you in a weak playing position.

Main Groups of Poker Positions

Early Position (UTG)

Early position (EP) is often called ‘under the gun’ or UTG. EP is the least favourable poker position and refers to the three seats left of the Dealer. Players in this position will need to act first and won’t be able to adapt their play based on how others play their hands. Players in EP are referred to as ‘out of position’ and will find it harder to use a successful poker table position strategy. 

Middle Position (MP)

The Middle Position refers to the three seats to the left of the EP and is a more favourable position, but not as advantageous as the Late Position. Mid-position players benefit from seeing a few players act but do not have the advantage of being in the Late Position and observing the behaviour of every player.

Late Position (Hijack, Cutoff, Button)

Late position (LP) is often referred to as ‘in position’ and refers to the Dealer, aka Button and the two positions to their right known as Hijack and Cutoff. Hijack is the player directly to the right of the Cutoff, and Cutoff is the seat to the Dealer’s right.

LP is a strong position at the poker table and provides the advantage of watching every player act before you, enabling you to make an informed decision.


Blinds are Early Positions and are classed as either Big Blind or Small Blind. The term ‘Blind’ is used as the players in this position are effectively playing blind, as they cannot see how other players choose to act. Small Blind is the first position to the left of the Button and is considered a weak position. The Small Blind is left of the Big Blind. Big Blind only has position over Small Blind, so both positions are risky. 

Why are Poker Positions so Important?

Understanding the different poker positions and which to choose is essential and can significantly impact your wins. Selecting the best position in poker puts you at a distinct advantage. Your playing position will influence your poker strategy, as you will need to adapt this to suit the position you play in. Your position will determine when you place your wager, your opportunities to watch other players act, and how much control you have over the size of the pot. So, your poker position will heavily influence your gameplay and, ultimately, your winnings.


Before you enter a casino and play, you need to understand the best position in poker and how the different positions impact your playing decisions. Putting yourself in the best position at the table gives you a much better chance of winning. Being in a Late Position provides the advantage of observing other players and developing your strategy based on how they act. Ideally, you want to play in position and to the immediate left of the weaker players at the table; with experience, you will be able to perfect your poker position and use the nuances of this exciting game to your advantage.


What is the best position in poker?

The best poker position is Button in Late Position, also referred to as the Dealer. Players in the Late Position play their hand last, meaning they can see other players act first before making their own playing decisions.

What is the worst position in poker?

Early Position is the worst position as players have to act before their fellow gamblers. So playing decisions are made without knowing how the rest of the table will play their hands.

How do you know your position in poker?

To know your position in poker, you need to look for the dealers’ Button. You can then determine your playing position in relation to the Dealer. Your position will help you decide on a successful poker position strategy, so choosing carefully is essential.

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