Roulette Racetrack

Players new to the roulette wheel might not be aware of the different rules and layouts that a roulette wheel has. If you’ve ever bet on a roulette wheel before, then you’ve likely at least seen roulette racetrack betting. It’s in place for you to make something called call bets.

What is a roulette racetrack?

The roulette wheel is always accompanied by its table, and on that table are various positions in which you can bet with your chips. Here you can bet on the different colours of the roulette wheel, red, green, and black – or you can bet on numbers. The numbers can also be bet on in multiple ways. You can bet on specific numbers for higher wins, or you can bet on a section of the numbers for a lower risk.

However, next to this section you’ll see the racetrack part of the table. This is where you would make something called call bets. Just like the other parts of the table, you can use the racetrack to make bets on certain parts of the wheel – however, you would only use this to save you time and effort. You wouldn’t usually need a croupier’s or a dealer’s input to put down your bets, but call bets are there to make more complicated bets that might be beyond the limits of the regular table’s betting parameters.

In short, you wouldn’t use a call bet or the racetrack if your bet was going to be something as simple as betting a certain amount of money on red, or a certain amount on one segment of the table.

How does the racetrack work in roulette?

It’s the oval racetrack looking section of a roulette table, and the inside of the numbers is split up into different sections. There are four different sections, all to signify the four different kinds of roulette racetrack bets the player can make while they’re gambling. Each bet has its own set of odds, as well as a selection of different numbers that you would be betting on.

Note that there’s a limit on how much you can win based on your odds, and that limit is dependent on the kind of bet you’re going to make at the table. You can find the four different kinds of roulette racetrack bets down below.

Different roulette racetrack bets

Voisins du zero

Voisins du zero, also known as neighbours of zero to those who are unfamiliar with the French term, accounts for seventeen different pockets on the roulette wheel. It’s a selection of numbers that would take you a long time to place the chips on yourself, and you can make a call bet with your dealer to simplify it for you. Some racetracks will have this included as just the word “Voisins” to make it easier to read and fit onto the board. When you make this bet, the maximum payout you’re able to receive is 17:1, which is a pretty great winning if you make a high bet.

Jeu zero

Jeu zero is the call you would want to make when you want to bet on all of the numbers that are closest to zero on the racetrack. Lower odds of winning than voisins, Jeu zero only contains seven numbers and requires four chips to bet on it. This bet can also be called just Zero, as it will typically be labelled on a roulette racetrack. The Jeu Zero bet can yield the gambler a payout of 35:1 of their original bet.


Orphelins or Les Orphelins is a bet that you can make that covers eight numbers that are next to each other on the roulette wheel. It’s a call bet that requires five chips, and your maximum limit on winning is 35:1. 

Tiers du Cylindre

This bet can be known by a few different names, but tiers are typically the most used as it is the simplest. You place your chips on 12 numbers covering a section of the roulette wheel. The numbers are spread out, and it’s much easier to receive help from your dealer with the racetrack rather than making the bet yourself. Finally, the Tiers du Cylindre bet will yield the player 17:1 of their wager.

In conclusion

If you’re an avid player of roulette, you might have seen the multiple different kinds of roulette wheels – but the racetrack is still commonly used through all of them. The calls might be different, and you don’t have to know the French terms to be able to make the bets. As long as your dealer understands the wager your want to make, you can pick any numbers you want to before the wheel starts spinning. Gamblers are encouraged to make use of the roulette racetrack, as it can allow for a more interesting strategy.

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