What is a Spin and Go?

All permutations of poker offer something distinctive and new, but the core element is always appropriate – players wish to be in the running for big winnings. But what is a Spin and Go poker tournament? Spin and Go poker is an alternative that can provide this with quick-fire pacing and consistent decision-making.

What is a Spin and Go?

Spin and go is a hyper turbo form of poker where each player will buy-in just before the tournament begins, with the prize pool randomly increasing over time. This means that big winnings are possible within a shorter space of time than you may be familiar with.

The three players will start with a 500 chip stack, or it may change depending on your provider. 

How Does a Spin and Go Work?

After you’ve asked ‘what is a Spin and Go,’ the question remains – how does a game begin? First, the buy-in is selected, as well as how many tournaments you wish to play at the same time. After starting the game and after all of the online participants have joined, a prize pool figure will be chosen at random. When the wheel stops spinning , you’ll see the accumulated prize presented. Then, you’ll have your cards dealt and the game will begin. 

Spin and Go Strategy: Tips to Win More!

-Tip #1: Study Heads-Up Play

If you know how to immediately assess the player in front of you for heads up play, you can extrapolate that to other players at the table. This can be worthwhile to learn when you have to make quickfire decisions with repeated games during frequent sessions. 

-Tip #2: Schedule Sessions Wisely

Different times of day and rooms will attract various traffic, including the amount of players during peak hours, bonuses, the good and recreational players, and the rakeback or bonuses available. It can be worth getting a feel for when these matters combine into an advantageous session for you.

-Tip #3: Focus

It can be easy to fall into a form of constant play thanks to how quick and action-packed each game is, but make sure you pay attention and look to the strategies others are adopting. It will help you concentrate your playing skill into a quicker and more varied form.

-Tip #4: Befriend Other Spinners

Ultimately, the game is more fun and you get to read others better if you communicate. This helps the game take on a new, social dimension.

-Tip #5: Don’t Fold The Button

The button gets the chance to see how all other players have made their decision, and this gives you a better position to call bluffs even if you have a weaker hand than you’d like. Giving up this advantage can be a mistake in aggregate over several games.

Are Spin and Go’s profitable?

As the prize pool and jackpots are randomly assigned, they can become tremendously profitable, especially when you consider the accrued winnings of several small games being played at once. You may be surprised just how confident this can make your play, and how confident that overall approach will feel. Don’t be afraid to take that step forward and keep your bets consistent.


Is spin and Go worth it?

If you’re looking for a quickfire form of poker where the opportunities for winnings come thick and fast, that the social nature of the game is pleasant and focus on the incredible action developing in front of you, and is more relaxing to play repeatedly than more nuanced and technical sides of the game, like deep stack poker, then you’re in luck.

Are Spin and Go’s profitable?

Spin and go games can be tremendously profitable, especially once you get a knack for feeling your opponent’s bluffs and certainly if the jackpot probabilities roll around. While Spin and Go is considered to have worthwhile input from each user, it’s also known as lottery poker in that thanks to the randomly assigned prize pool, we don’t have to worry about the slow accruing of pots in order to make winnings interesting. 

For many, this variant of the game brings with it all the fun and reward of poker without the intensive calculations and overbearing social friction of the main game.

What is a Spin and Go ticket?

A Spin and Go ticket allows you to gain valid access to a game and also to see which tournaments you are registered for. They are cheap and secure access tokens necessary for making the game secure and allowing them to move at a frequent, enjoyable pace. Depending on your provider, they can be purchased from the main storefront and used immediately. We hope this can help you understand ‘what is a Spin and Go’.

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