What is Jackpot Sit And Go?


If you’re in love with poker but rarely have the time to sit through a full game, it’s a great idea to look for an alternative. You may have heard ‘Jackpot Sit And Go’ recommended as a worthwhile option. But what is Jackpot Sit and Go? Does it have the same high-stakes, probability-based fun as regular poker? Could it serve as a viable variant? In this post, we’ll discuss all of that and more – aiding both the card-game aficionado as well as the beginner bluffer.

What is Jackpot Sit And Go?

Jackpot Sit and Go, also known as Spin & Go, is a concentrated form of Hold’Em – with all of the fun and potential winnings provided. It’s a casualized version of the game designed for accessibility but is in no way less thrilling and can offer you major rewards.

Using a randomly allocated prize pool that can offer up to 1000 times the winnings, the three players in attendance will see the blind increase every three to five minutes in turbo variations and up to ten minutes in the regular game. Not only this but multiple games can be played at the same time, potentially quadrupling your winnings. 

To start with, you buy-in as normal. When the other two players have bought-in alike, you’ll see the prize pool randomly generated. Then, you’ll be given your cards in order to curate a winning hand as normal.

How much can I win with the Jackpot Sit’n’Go Tournaments?

The jackpot payouts offer incredible rewards. As the prize pool is increased and the probability remains competitive; you may find that first place prices  For the maximum Jackpot SNG of £80 are over £650,000 for first place, and over £60,000 for second and third place, should the prize pool multiplayer hit its maximum of 10,000. These figures may change depending on your particular game setup.

However, there are many degrees between all of those probabilities, and for this reason, winnings can come frequently, with the chance of excellent payouts even if you’re playing the regular game.

3 Tips for Jackpot Sit And Go’s

  • Adjust how many hands you play according to the buy-in – if you play more hands when the buy-in is low, then you can generally see a better result compared to the hesitant players who over-fold or under-bluff.
  • Play conservatively later on – it’s very easy for players to become excited and with the increasing prize pool, adopt a reckless strategy. If you can keep your head, you’ll be in with a much better chance of success.
  • Try not to bluff during small blinds – it can let people on to your strategy for relatively small benefits. However, calling others’ bluffs from time to time can help you get a read on your opponents also.


It’s clear that this game has been designed for the convenience of those who love the winning and artful play of poker but without the time to sit for days trying to resolve a long-form tournament.

We hope that if a friend asks you, ‘what is jackpot sit and go?’ – you can now provide a reasonable answer and even get them involved!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

1. What’s the probability of hitting the top jackpot?

This will depend on the prize pool multiplayer and the Jackpot SNG placement, but the top probabilities can run from 1 in 1,000,000 or 1 in 100,000. The chance to accrue smaller winnings is much more favourable, with a prize pool multiplier of 2 offering a chance of 74,995 in 100,000. You may be surprised just how well this can work out.

2. How long does a game take to play?

The mainstream appeal of Sit and Go is that you can enjoy a game within five minutes. This keeps the action up, the energy thrilling, and the winnings frequent.

3. Can I earn Ignition Miles on Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments?

Yes, you can! Ignition Miles can be earned for every £1 of buy-in, at a factor of 1.5 per pound spent. 

4. Is Jackpot Sit’n’Go available for Omaha and other poker games?

So far, we’ve answered ‘what is Jackpot Sit and Go’ as it relates to Texas Hold-Em, but it’s also important to note that Omaha Hi-Lo, Pot-Limit and Fixed-Limit Holdem, Stud, Razz and Draw Poker are all available too.

Not only this but these games can be subdivided by player counts, speeds, prize pools and more. This should help you find the exact expression of the game that works for you. After all – smart gambling is nothing if it’s not fun.


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